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Stories From The Sacred Heart (audio CD)


Every Catholic will enjoy and be enriched by this collection of ten stories featuring the Sacred Heart. Nine of the stories are true experiences involving the Sacred Heart and one is just a fun story of a man whose Sacred Heart Badge makes him a Secret Service Agent for Our Lord.

This collection includes: the story of St Mary Margaret Alacoque and the promises made by Our Lord to those who honor His Heart, a remarkable conversion story, the story of a Black priest who promoted this devotion, a First Communion promise and a death under the Banner of the Sacred Heart, the story of a young girl who is put under the protection of the Sacred Heart and more…

After listening, there will be a greater appreciation of the wonderful Catholic devotion to the Sacred Heart.

CD 1

  1. St. Margaret Mary Alacoque and the Feast of the Sacred Heart
  2. The Badge of the Sacred Heart
  3. Black Apostle of the Sacred Heart
  4. Secret Service Agent
  5. Patrick Parks and the Sacred Heart

CD 2

  1. A Tryst With the Sacred Heart
  2. A Remarkable Conversion
  3. The White Necktie
  4. Badge of Grace
  5. First Fridays in France 
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