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Love and Life Student Workbook



Love and Life is a positive, life-affirming presentation of God’s plan for life and love. It is a proven and practical program for teaching chastity to teens. It shows how we learn to live and love according to God’s two greatest commandments and the Beatitudes, which are nurtured in us through our lives in Jesus Christ.

The Student Guide is the work text for the program. This book includes Parent-Teen discussions, projects and Question/Answers. Separated into four Units:
Unit 1: A Plan for our Happiness
Chapter 1: What’s it all About
Chapter 2: Putting Things in Order
Chapter 3: The Great Break-Up
Chapter 4: The Great Make-Up
Chapter 5: The Real Source and the Real Force

Unit 2: The Building Blocks of Love and Life
Chapter 6: Male and Female He Created Them
Chapter 7: A Life of Virtue
Chapter 8: A Life of Love
Chapter 9: A Life of Friendship
Chapter 10: A Life of Emotional Maturity
Chapter 11: Put Yourself in the Driver’s Seat–with Self-Mastery!

Unit 3: The Great Race
Chapter 12: The Starting Line
Chapter 13: Hurdles on the Track to Holiness
Chapter 14: Modesty: A Good “Put-On”
Chapter 15: The Chastity Generation
Chapter 16: Nature Never Forgives
Chapter 17: Close Encounters of the Best Kind
Chapter 18: The Saints Come Marching In

Unit 4: The Call to Serve Christ in Love
Chapter 19: Let Me Get That Call
Chapter 20: To Love and Honor….Till Death
Chapter 21: Love and Life: The Heavenly Bond
Chapter 22: God is Pro-Life and Pro-Love
Chapter 23: Do It for God; He’s Done It for You
Chapter 24: Take the Pledge for Purity

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