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Little Book of Hospital Miracles


While caring for a special group of hospital patients for over four decades, Lori Jo Grande-Swiatkowski has witnessed miraculous events that have caused her to realize that the veil between the seen and unseen and Earth and heaven is quite thin.

In a collection of inspiring true stories gathered from the bedsides of her patients over the years, Lori shares insight into all the ways God is real and works through our lives while caring deeply for us. Phyllis and Albert had been married for fifty-five years and were virtually inseparable. As he battled advanced colon cancer, Phyllis barely left his side-until he bid her farewell in a way she never expected. Sally, who had a brain tumor, prayed to Jesus for a miracle-and received one. Fatima was a beautiful Muslim woman who passionately believed in the power of prayer. But would her prayers heal her as well?

Little Book of Hospital Miracles shares uplifting stories from a nurse that demonstrate the power of God’s presence in our lives as He works little miracles every day to show us that His love never dies.

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Lori Grande Swiatkowski