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Imagination Gone Wild


Are you addicted to your television, computer or phone? One of the biggest temptations in the modern world is to be attached to a smartphone, the internet or other tech devices. We have all heard what what the smartphone and the internet are doing to people’s lives – from the news reports of teens staying up all night on their phones, to men and women of all ages addicted to pornography, to people who are burning out on social media.

The problem we face has never been seen throughout the history of man. The fruits from a constant diet of images are beginning to be made manifest. People are beginning to struggle because their smartphone is their only companion. Many have left reality for the imaginative world and do not know how to get out of it. Others are so led by the imagination that their emotions and reason are slowly dying.

This book will help you to break free from the screens and find God and reality. You will begin to understand how our culture of images began, how our imagination quickly became overloaded and affected our relationships, psychology and spirit. Imagination for many has been drowned in pornography, the new drug and health hazard.

Do not fear. With the help of God and facing reality, you can begin to mortify your imagination and face the present moment. This book is a simple read and the truths you will begin to understand will help you to no longer remain enslaved to the screens.

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