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Getting Work Right: Labor and Leisure in a Fragmented World

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If we don’t get Sunday right, we won’t get Monday—or any day of the workweek—right.

The divided life is a temptation so built into our society, we may not even recognize it. Yet most of us fall prey to it. We either undervalue work, resenting it as simply a job, or we overvalue it as an identity-defining career.

Michael Naughton, drawing on his background in both business and theology, proposes that the key to finding balance is another important human activity: leisure.

In light of leisure—not mere amusement, but time for family, silence, prayer, and above all, worship—work becomes a space where men and women can find deep fulfilment. Naughton provides real-world examples of how businesses can promote authentic human flourishment and innovation through practices and policies that support leisure.

In Getting Work Right Michael Naughton will change how you work—and rest.

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