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Come, Let Us Worship: Reflections on the words and prayers of the Mass for anyone who is wondering, what’s it all about


Years ago, David Seitz, was what you would call a cultural Catholic. He was raised in a practicing Catholic family that went to Mass every Sunday and Holy Day. He went to religious education classes at his parish. He went to Mass all through college and through early adulthood, then he drifted away for a few years in his early thirties. Then one night he found himself sitting upright covered in a cold sweat. He was terrified! He had an encounter with Jesus, the just judge. This was his personal judgment. Jesus informed him that he would not be spending eternity in the kingdom of heaven because he had chosen to separate himself from God during his earthly life. Jesus did not condemn him out of anger. He had a look of deep sadness and regret. Of his own free will, David had chosen a life that would lead to his exclusion from heaven. He had to get back on the right path, and he found that path in the Catholic Mass. What is it now, that draws David to the pew every Sunday, Holy Day, and when he is able, daily? The following reflections did not come to him all-of-a-sudden in a flash of graced enlightenment. Growth in spirituality and relationship with God is a lifelong journey, a pilgrimage fraught with highs and lows, doubt and certainty, consolations and dryness. God has worked on David over the years and has brought him to a whole new perspective on the Mass, which you will discover in these pages. This is not a “How To” book about the Mass – It is a “Why To”. Follow David’s journey of personal conversion and spiritual reflections.

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