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Classic Movies for the Classroom The Spotlight Series: Its a Wonderful Life Study Guide: Life is Worth Living


At Educational Guidance Institute, we are passionate about helping instructors use classic film to present universal truths to today’s youth teaching character, virtue, truth, goodness and beauty. The lessons of It’s a Wonderful Life can be approached from a wide variety of settings from public school classrooms, after school programs, young adult groups, parent-teen community and church events, as well as by families who homeschool. The story of George Bailey’s struggle to find meaning in his life as he continually grapples with the conflict between his responsibilities and his dreams, strikes a chord with people of every generation. Jimmy Stewart delivers the most memorable performace of his carrier alongside Donna Reed, and together they show us the beauty of love and that everyone’s life is worth living. Through viewing the film and the discussion and activities in the lesson plan, students see and experience such profound lessons as: our life choices shape our character and have lasting consequences, everyone is irreplaceable, family and community help form a deeper perspective on life and that in the worst moments friendship brings hope. The act of viewing a film makes these lessons about the value of every life come alive for students of all ages in a powerful and dynamic way. This lesson plan is excellent on its own, as well as a part of a course comprised of the others in the Classic Movies for the Classroom: The Spotlight Series.

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