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Angelic Letters (Complete Series)

Angelic Letters (Complete Series)


COME, join the family of characters. Once the book is open, the journey has begun. It is so much more that a captivating love story. It is deeply inspiring and glows with moments of tenderness. The Angelic Letters Series will swell your heart; you will hug the pages to your chest with each reading!
The Angelic Letters Series is an epic saga of life, love, angels and miracles. The story follows the lives of Henry Pederson and Jenny Sarsky from the moment they meet as two fifteen-year-olds in the summer of 1956, over a span of five decades and seven books. Falling in love instantly the moment their eyes meet, Henry and Jenny s dramatic bond is aided along the way by their guardian angels, creating a powerful spirit filled connection between them that withstands the test of time.

Mr. Engelmann, an endearing, wise and spirit filled mentor, comes into Henry s life, providing him with powerful insights and valuable life lessons that carry strength, wisdom and hope. As so many readers have shared, we should all be so fortunate as to have someone like him in our lives. You will be compelled to live and breathe with the other characters too. They are so real that their sadness, tears and joys fly off the pages and become ever entrenched in your mind and heart.

As both author and artist, Henry communicates from the heart, painting pictures with words that are vivid and real. Readers feel and visualize every aspect of their own lives intertwined with the lives of his beloved characters.

Whether you re fourteen or one hundred, this award winning, hard to put down captivating story will have an astounding, transforming affect upon your life.

The Angelic Letters Series collector s slipcase includes: Book 1, Pewter Angels; Book 2, Another Angel of Love; Book 3, Angel of Thanksgiving; Book 4, The Angelic Occurrence, Book 5, Angel Promises Fulfilled, Book 6, The House Where Angels Dwell and Book 7, The Heart of an Angel. The slipcase will also include seven complimentary bookmarks, one for each book in the series.

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