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My 13th Station: A Mother Shares Her Son’s Tragic Battle with Depression, Alcoholism, and Demons


Theresa Anthony gives us an inside look, unflinching and raw, at her son’s sudden bout with depression and alcoholism at the outset of young adulthood. Coincidentally, her family, and neighboring families, had been experiencing various paranormal events that may have contributed to emotional instability that resulted in three suicides on the street, including her son’s.
Woven through the pages of this compelling memoir, which depicts in absolute transparency the devastating effects of a dual diagnosis (alcoholism and mental health disorders), are the disturbing and corroborated events relating to the demonic infestation that impacted this portion of the neighborhood. The author accompanies these revelations with her personal faith journey, laying down a parallel track that reveals the role an unrelenting faith in God played in her own survival.
At a time in history when the rates of addiction, mental illness, and suicide are escalating, My 13th Station offers essential insights and valuable information for parents and young adults to carefully consider. Through this intimate account of tragic loss, Ms. Anthony delivers a powerful message about the reality of spiritual warfare and, ultimately, the power of faith. Inspiring in her pain, Ms. Anthony provides the reader with authenticity, even at the expense of acknowledging her own mortal flaws. Her story is riveting and sorrowful, yet, in spite of this mother’s profound grief, leaves us with a soaring sense of hope and renewal.

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