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Proclaim Paschal Joy: Live Liturgically in the Easter Season

Our Lord is not dead, but alive! And we live to tell this glorious truth. Likely, Lent has felt long. In fact, I hope it has. Penance is no small task. But all of this — the aching, the falling, the getting back up — doesn’t end in death. And that is a glory worth proclaiming.

If we deck the halls when Our Lord is born, how much more should we elevate this feast? This season marks the single greatest reality of our Catholic faith: that by his death and resurrection, we have been freed. If these words have become stale to you because you have heard them many times, use this season to rekindle your wonder and awe. As we swap 40 days of fasting for 50 days of feasting, let’s be intentional in our celebration. Here are some ideas:

Give Words to Your Hope

“Always be ready to give an explanation to anyone who asks for a reason for your hope” (1 Peter 3:15, NAB). 

This season is hope incarnate. This, Christ’s resurrection, is the reason that we hope. “We are the Easter people, and alleluia is our song!” (Pope St. John Paul II). Words have great power, and people are hungry for the truth. This season, find a bit of space in your daily prayer to express why you hope. And then, hopefully, you’ll be asked and be ready to explain your hope to others.

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