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Pro-Lifers Needed August 17

A letter from Monica Miller:


We need you to DROP EVERYTHING and join us on 

WEDNESDAY, August 17th at 10:30 AM at the Oakland County Circut Court

1200 Telegraph, Pontiac, MI 48341

This past Monday August 1, the Court of Appeals ruled that the preliminary injunction didn’t apply to local county prosecutors — several of whom have said they would prosecute abortion providers under the 1931 law.’ 

Late Monday, Judge Jacob Cunningham of the Oakland County Circuit Court issued a temporary restraining order, once again blocking enforcement of the 1931 ban “until further Order of the Court.” Cunningham ordered another hearing on August 17th, one we MUST RALLY at and show that the Pro-life movement is strong and not willing to back down, that we are willing to PUSH BACK!  To defend and save the lives of moms and children.

  We will gather in front of the Oakland County Circuit Courthouse 
promptly at 10:30!  We will send Judge Cunningham a pro-life message!  

WEAR WHITE for the GOOD GUYS; White for the purity of the babies and their innocence we want preserved.

During the upcoming hearing in Judge Cunningham’s Court, we need to be there to show him that raw judicial activism has no place in the pandering of a tyrannical governor.  Gretchen Whitmer went and asked for something that is not in the state’s constitution, abortion protection.     Whether Judge Cunningham is a willing pawn in a forgone conclusion we pro-lifers NEED to have pushback pressure on this. We need to have SO MANY people out there that they cannot IGNORE US!   Let’s spread the word far and near, let’s make this a showing like never before.  Let’s be a LOUD witness with our NUMBERS!   I cannot underestimate how URGENT this is to get as many people to this event to send a message to this judge just how far he has overreached by legislating from the bench.  Plain and simple, judicial overreach.     That we are here for the lives of women and children.  Please spread the word through your e-mails, churches, and social media’s.  Carpool if necessary.

Here is the GOOD NEWS and why we need to go forward.  
At this typing the abortion chain Northland Family Planning in Sterling Hts., has publicly announced that they have stopped their ‘aborting’ in Macomb Co. for fear of being prosecuted.  This is reason enough to PUSH FORWARD, to BE BOLD, to call on the HOLY SPIRIT and go forward! 

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