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Pro-Lifers arrested, but a baby saved

We were arrested last Friday, accused of Violating the
48th District Court’s Probation Conditions–
BUT a Baby Was Saved!!
And Lynn Mills reports that a baby was saved from abortion yesterday at the Northland Family Planning in Westland when she and other pro-lifers were there!  Let’s Celebrate!

Most of you are aware that Dec. 2, 2017 myself and 4 other pro-lifers participated in a Red Rose Rescue at abortionist Jacob Kalo’s Women’s Center in Orchard Lake, MI.  As I write this memo, pro-lifer and Red Rose Rescuer Will Goodman is sitting in the Oakland County Jail–and your CPLS director has been forced to wear a tether. But there is a happy ending to this story!  Read on!

Will Goodman taken into custody on Friday, June 1st

Our jury trial took place Feb. 21 at the 48th District Court in West Bloomfield. It was a trial completely sanitized of all references to abortion by order of Judge Marc Barron and we were denied a “defense of necessity” and thus easily found “guilty.”
On March 14, 2018 Judge Barron sentenced each rescuer to a $500 fine, 8 days of community service, and a one-year probation loaded up with unbelievable conditions not the least of which was that we were ordered to remain 500 feet from all abortion centers in the entire United States of America and its Territories—a court order unprecedented in the history of legalized abortion!

As our last CPLS memo indicated, Will and I made a decision to go to the Women’s Center last Friday, June 1st to pray, witness to the sanctity of human life and to try and talk women out of abortions.  Pro-lifers were there including Lynn Mills, Barb Yagley, Andrea McKinnon, Amy Esper and a few others.

Will Goodman and I were arrested for violating the 500 foot probation condition and taken to the West Bloomfield Police Station.
But before I was arrested I talked to a woman about to enter the abortion center and I talked her out of the abortion!  I stood on the Chipolte restaurant parking lot adjacent to the abortion center, placing myself directly across from the door to the center.  I held a red rose, the same kind of rose we offered to women during the Red Rose Rescue in December. A woman walked towards the center and I spoke to her: “This rose is a sign of life and I am here to help you so you won’t get the abortion.” The woman came over to me, took the rose and yes, after 15 minutes of talking to her and praying with her she got back in her car and left in tears!  She told me her name and gave me her phone number and I of course gave her all of my contact information and pro-life literature and told her where she could receive a free ultra sound.

YES–a baby was saved from abortion while I was supposedly violating the 500 foot court ordered restriction that banned me and Will Goodman from being at the abortion center.  It was ALL God. He put me in the right place at the right time and a life was saved.

I bonded out of jail–a whopping $2500.00, posting a 10 percent of a $25,000 that the angry pro-abortion prosecutor Larry Sherman demanded from the sitting magistrate to whom we were taken to appear in handcuffs–with the condition that I wear a GPS ankle monitoring device. I need to bond out!  I had to follow up with the woman I turned away from abortion. What if she called me in distress and I wasn’t there for her?! Will Goodman, not able to accept the bond conditions, is still in jail waiting for our June 14th hearing.

But the the days after I spoke to the woman, she was not returning my phone calls I was beside myself with worry.  Did she succumb to the pressure of the boyfriend who did not want the baby? Did she go back to the clinic?  Thanks to Lynn Mills’ amazing research skills–she found where the woman worked.  Without Lynn we would never have been able to make sure everything was alright!  I decided to go and talk to her–Barb Yagley and Andrea McKinnon, who had bought flowers for her, went with me.

I didn’t know how the woman would react, but I felt I needed to follow up, to make sure she and her baby were okay!  Let me just say, the meeting was glorious!  She thanked me profusely for stopping her from killing her baby, she hugged me and was nearly in tears again.  She said she still had the rose that I had given to her at the abortion center and said: “I simply do not have enough words to thank you.”

Accused of violating the probation conditions, Will Goodman and I will appear before Judge Barron, 9:00am, Thursday, June 14th. 48th District Court, 4280 Telegraph Rd, Bloomfield Hills.  You can come to the hearing– be with us !!  But most importantly pray for us–and pray for the women who have chosen LIFE!!

Learn more at Citizens for a Pro-Life Society. 

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