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Pro-Life Group Leader Bombarded with Threats after Home Address Publicized in Planned Parenthood Lawsuit

A senior staffer at a Texas pro-life organization has been bombarded with threats after Planned Parenthood divulged their personal information in legal filings posted online.

The Texas Right to Life employee’s home address was circulated widely online after Planned Parenthood listed it on a recent lawsuit filed against the pro-life group. A link to the lawsuit, which included the staffer’s name and home address, was initially included in a September 2 press release announcing the legal action, but the link was eventually taken down sometime after September 9th after the pro-life group’s attorneys raised the issue in court.

In the wake of the disclosure, the staffer and many colleagues have faced a slew of physical and verbal threats from abortion advocates, some of whom explicitly told the staffer “we know where you live.”

Asked for comment, Planned Parenthood explained that Texas civil procedure rules require that plaintiffs list the names and addresses of all parties involved in a suit and added that they quickly cooperated when Texas Right to Life asked that the staffer’s address be sealed.

“Any threats of harassment, intimidation, or violence are completely unacceptable and have no place in Texas or anywhere else. Unfortunately, no one knows the trauma of these types of intimidation tactics better than the patients, physicians, nurses, and clinic staff at Planned Parenthood health centers and at abortion clinics nationwide, people who are attacked for seeking or providing essential health care every single day,” a Planned Parenthood spokesperson said in a statement.

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