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Pro-life gains and losses

Voters in Colorado and Louisiana weighed in on two pro-life ballot initiatives with mixed results on Tuesday. In Colorado, a measure that would have protected unborn children after 22 weeks of gestation failed, earning only 41 percent of votes. But in Louisiana, 62 percent of voters approved an amendment that clarifies abortion is not a right under the state constitution.

Pro-lifers say the results should further motivate pro-life Democrats, who strongly supported both measures. In Louisiana, the Love Life initiative won a greater share of voters than did Donald Trump, who earned 58 percent of the state’s popular vote.

“It shows that there were Democrats who weren’t willing to vote for President Trump who then came and voted for the Love Life Amendment,” said Louisiana Right to Life executive director Benjamin Clapper.

According to a 2020 Gallup poll, 24 percent of Democrats identify themselves as pro-life. That’s about 20 million Democratic voters who oppose abortion. These voters show their influence in bipartisan efforts such as the Louisiana initiative, an amendment authored by state Sen. Katrina Jackson (D-Monroe).

The support of pro-life Democrats couldn’t secure a similar victory for Colorado’s measure. But Democrats for Life executive director Kristen Day chalks up the failure in Colorado to misinformation from pro-abortion groups. “We were just outspent and out-manipulated by the abortion lobby,” she said.

While groups supporting the Colorado initiative had about $537,000 to work with, the opposition raised almost $7 million from organizations like Planned Parenthood. These groups spread misleading information saying the measure made no exceptions for victims of rape or incest, even though the law would have allowed for abortions in any case up to 22 weeks.

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