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Priests must build a post-pandemic missionary Church, says Vatican clergy chief

The Vatican cardinal with responsibility for clergy has said that “nothing will be the same again” for pastoral life after the coronavirus pandemic.

Paying tribute to priests who risked their own safety to continue their ministry, Cardinal Beniamino Stella said that many have rediscovered the heart of their vocation during the past year and will now have to rethink the basics of pastoral life in the aftermath of COVID-19.

“There are priests who have truly given their lives to the last moment [during the pandemic],” Cardinal Stella said, in a May 3 interview with the Italian news agency SIR.

The cardinal, who has headed the Vatican’s Congregation for Clergy since 2013, told SIR that by offering themselves for ministry in hospitals and other high-risk environments, priests have been “seizing the opportunity of the pandemic to fully live their [promise] ‘Here I am at the call of the Lord,’ pronounced on the day of their ordination.”

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