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Priest who heard 1,000 confessions during Holy Week on power of Sacrament

My seven musical sons are huge fans of the wildly talented Fr. David Michael Moses, whose Concerts for Life have raised more than $500,ooo for pregnancy resource centers around the country, so it was a real joy to catch up with the Texas-based priest to talk about his awesome Holy Week. He heard more than 1,100 confessions over the six days, including 400 on Good Friday alone. (Yes, those numbers are accurate — he spent up to 16 hours in the confessional each day!)

Fr. David Michael took great pains to deflect praise away from himself and give all glory for the high turnout to God, his pastor, visiting priests, and the volunteers who gathered at his home parish of St. Faustina’s Church in Fulshear, Texas, in the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston. But it’s easy to see why folks are drawn to this dynamic priest who has a YouTube Channel following of more than 20K subscribers. 

I first learned of Fr. David Michael’s remarkable Holy Week on his Facebook page. When I reached out, he was happy to talk a little more about why he’s such an advocate of confession.

Aleteia: What would you say to someone who has a hard time going to confession?

Fr. David Michael: I get it! It can be nerve-racking to tell your sins to a priest. I get nervous when I go to confession too. But I also think it’s important to not get it twisted: If we think going to confession is the hard part of our sins being forgiven, then we really don’t understand what Jesus did for us on the Cross. Because His suffering, His Passion: That was the hard part. Us going to confession is really the easy part.

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