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Priest takes Blessed Sacrament on ride through NY town hit by coronavirus

The town of New Rochelle, New York, has been hit hard by the coronavirus, to the point that medical personnel set up a “containment area” in the New York City suburb — a preview of the shelter-in-place orders now in effect in many cities and states. Schools and worship houses have been closed in a 1-mile radius around a synagogue where an infected person with coronavirus was known to have attended events.

The medical professionals are working to care for those with physical ailments, but with all the churches closed the people were still in dire need of spiritual healing. That’s when a Carmelite priest, Fr. Justin Cinnante, had the great idea of blessing the whole town.

To accomplish this, he jumped on the back of a pick-up truck, with the monstrance displaying the Blessed Sacrament held aloft, and they took off, reciting prayers and blessings as they drove around as much of New Rochelle as they could.

Kathryn Jean Lopez shared a video on Twitter that shows Fr. Cinnante during the ride.

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