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The Amazing Testimony of Vietnam War’s Iconic ‘Napalm Girl’


It’s one of the most iconic photos of all time and one of the most haunting. The image of a Vietnamese girl running naked in the street after a napalm bomb exploded on her neighborhood.

That was 1972. Today, Kim Phuc still lives with the scars but a new treatment is changing the way she and other burn victims live their lives.

The famous photo shows then 9-year-old Kim Phuc trying to outrun her burning flesh after the South Vietnamese dropped a napalm bomb on her village of Trang Bang. Her burns were so bad, the doctors gave her zero chance of survival and took her body to the morgue where it remained for three days!

But Kim Phuc wasn’t ready to die. She spoke to CBN’s Wendy Griffith about what happened next.

“My parents found me there,” she said.

“In the morgue? But you weren’t dead?” Griffith asked.

“I had not died yet. God had a plan for me, He not finished with me yet,” she said.

Today, Kim is 53. Her beautiful kimono hides the deep scars on her back and arms while her beautiful smile tries to hide the pain she still deals with daily.

“I pray every day because being in pain is not fun,” she told Griffith.

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