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The Pope Speaks On the Plane, Tells Important Truths, But Causes Confusion


On the flight back to Rome from his trip to Georgia and Azerbaijan, Pope Francis gave another one of his controversial press conferences, and unfortunately it was as controversial as usual. I had hoped that Greg Burke, the new director of the Vatican’s press office, would keep this pastoral pope from saying something the agenda-driven news media could co-opt for their purposes. But, apparently, he couldn’t.

On the airplanes, this pope speaks in a way which he might describe as “from his heart.” Some use his off-the-cuff comments to pummel him or to push for “change” in the Catholic Church.  Many create what is now called a “narrative.” It goes like this: Pope Francis is going to change the “old fashioned” views of the Church he serves and this latest comment proves it.

The narrative tells the world that he’s going to change the revealed truth about marriage and approve same-sex “marriage,” open the Church to women as priests, approve procured abortion as a right, and support living as a transgender person as a healthy and moral choice — that the Catholic Church is finally going to “come around” on these hot button issues.

Of course, none of this is true. First because he does not intend to do so. Second, because he cannot do so. Not even a Pope can change the revealed truth about life, marriage and sexual difference as a gift and a given.

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