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A Pope and A President – Special Featured Content

Ronald Reagan’s “Fatima Connection” to JPII:

Last week we spent an hour with Paul Kengor discussing the unique friendship between Pope John Paul II and President Reagan, two men whose influence was instrumental in bringing an end to the Soviet Union. Paul joined us again this week to look at Reagan’s connection to Fatima. President Reagan spoke to the Assembly of the Republic in the Assembly Chamber in Lisbon, Portugal on May 9, 1985 and made some wonderful remarks about Fatima and the visionaries and we aired a small portion of it today. Listen to the highlight we aired on Kresta in the Afternoon  below or  watch the entire speech.

American media ignored this speech when it was originally delivered. This may be the first time that it has appeared in AMERICAN media.




As Pope Francis travels to Fatima to commemorate the centenary of Mary’s first appearance, Paul Kengor joined us to look back at  John Paul II and the extraordinary Fatima connection he shared with Ronald Reagan. Check out the interview with Al below.

A Pope and a President: The Untold Friendship of JPII and Ronald Reagan:

Historians rightfully credit Saint John Paul II and President Ronald Reagan with hastening the end of the Cold War, but until now have failed to recognize the depth of the bond between the two men. They were shot by would-be assassins just six weeks apart and their strikingly similar experiences brought them close together – much to Moscow’s dismay. Below is last week’s hour with Paul Kengor. Paul joined us for a look at how these two men changed history and why Nancy Reagan called JPII her husband’s “closest friend.”


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A Singular Bond That Changed History

Even as historians credit ­Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II with hastening the end of the Cold War, they have failed to recognize the depth or significance of the bond that developed between the two leaders.

Acclaimed scholar and bestselling author Paul Kengor changes that. In this fascinating book, he reveals a singular bond—which included a spiritual connection between the Catholic pope and the Protestant president—that drove the two men to confront what they knew to be the great evil of the twentieth century: Soviet communism.