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Pope Francis writes moving letter to 16-year-old juvenile gang member serving an 11-year sentence

francis letter

“Dear Carlos,” Pope Francis wrote. “I pray that as you and your fellow residents celebrate the opening of the Holy Door, you may receive these gifts and be filled with peace and hope. Know that the Holy Father is thinking of you and praying for you. And please remember to pray for me, because I greatly need your prayers.”

Though the letter was short and to-the-point, Vazquez’s tumultuous emotions finally calmed.

“[The letter] gave me a lot of hope knowing that there are people like the Pope who still have not given up on us,” Vazquez told CNN. “I know I’ve made mistakes and have hurt people, but what I learned in my two years and five months I’ve been imprisoned, I didn’t know I was hurting people and I was hurting myself too.”

The pontiff’s letter inspired Vazquez to write to the victim’s family and admitted he regretted his crime “because of the people [he] hurt, but [he has] to fall to learn how to get up.”
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