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POLL: Majority of Canadians believe Church is responsible for residential schools

While the work toward a formal apology from Pope Francis is ongoing, a clear majority of Canadians hold the Catholic Church primarily responsible for the damage done by residential schools, according to a Leger poll conducted June 4- 6.

Sixty-six per cent of 1,539 people polled said the Church bears responsibility for the tragic residential school history, while 34 per cent say the federal government should be blamed.

It has been difficult to explain to Canadians the complex history of Catholic apologies for residential schools, a CCCB spokesperson told The Catholic Register.

“Apologies for wrongdoing were issued by the entities that were responsible,” the CCCB said in an e-mail. “More importantly, for decades the bishops of Canada have been and are deeply committed to continuing a journey toward greater healing and reconciliation, locally and nationally, to rebuild relationships and trust between Indigenous peoples and the Church in Canada.”

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