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Police officer adopts little girl he cared for while on duty

When police officer Brian Zach went off to work in March 2018 he had no idea he was about to change a young girl’s life forever.

The lieutenant from Kingman Police Department was called to a house where he came across a toddler named Kaila, who was the victim of abuse. The young girl grew attached to Zach in the evening as the pair colored and ate together. Kaila went off to be treated for her multiple injuries and Zach went home, where he shared with his wife that he wanted to look after the little girl.

The dad-of-two explained to GMA that while Kaila’s caretakers were being charged with her abuse, there was no place for her with child protective services. So Zach and his wife Cierra seized the opportunity to welcome Kaila into their home until a more permanent solution was found.

“She came with a sippy cup, a bag of clothes that didn’t fit her and that was it,” shared the kindhearted police officer. However, after a few days she quickly adapted to Zach family life and the Zachs quickly became “mom” and “dad.”

For the family, though, Kaila’s position wasn’t certain. “We lived each week not knowing if she was going to go back to her biological parents, or how long we were going to keep her. Our goal was to love and care for this little girl for as long as it happened.”

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