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Pokemon Go: Getting people to Church since…Thursday

Pikachu. Credit: etnyk via FLickr (CC BY NC ND 2.0).
Pikachu. Credit: etnyk via FLickr (CC BY NC ND 2.0).

.- “I caught one!”

Someone screamed this outside of Fr. Ryan Kaup’s rectory window the other night, waking him up at 12:30 a.m.

That’s because Fr. Kaup’s parish, Cristo Rey in Lincoln, Neb., is a Pokestop.

What’s a Pokestop, you say? It’s part of Pokémon Go, the newest app craze released last week by Niantic Labs. The app – part geocaching, part exercise-tracking, part game – takes users through their real-life neighborhoods in order to “catch them all”. It’s become so popular that just two days after its release last Thursday, the time people spent on the game surpassed time spent on other popular apps like Whatsapp, Snapchat and Instagram.

Points, prizes and levels are gained by catching Pokémon and by going to Pokestops – tagged locations in the real world where users can stock up on gear and points for the game.

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