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Plays Slandering Religion Indoctrinate Villagers All Over China

“Thank the Lord? Where is the Lord? You have to work to live, though. You should thank the Party and the government,” an actor playing the role of a CCP village secretary was speaking from the stage in Fenyi county in Xinyu, a prefecture-level city in the southeastern province of Jiangxi. The play, which tells a story of a Christian family that has been lifted from poverty thanks to the government support, has been touring the county’s villages since the end of 2019.  Villagers are urged by local officials to come and see the performance.

“The Xinyu city government invited our troupe to perform. We were asked to promote the idea that the Communist Party is good, and believing in God is superstitious because those who do are ‘unfortunate victims’ and must abandon their faith,” a staff member in the troupe told Bitter Winter. “We’ve directed and launched the play with all costs covered by the government.”

Similar propaganda performance are being staged in the form of operas, stage-plays, and skits all over China, pressuring people to replace their religious beliefs with worshiping of the Communist Party.

In one of the skits, a Party secretary visits an ill Christian and asks him: “Can Christianity really cure people, alleviate poverty, and help them become rich?” He then goes on to say that only the support and care by the CCP helps people to be cured. Other propaganda performances claim that Christianity does not allow believers to seek medical care or earn a living.

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