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Planned Parenthood President Bucks Recent Predecessors, Calls It ‘Stigmatizing’ to Downplay Abortion

Planned Parenthood has updated their messaging on abortion yet again as president Alexis McGill Johnson told The Washington Post Tuesday that it’s “actually stigmatizing” to say that abortion is a “small part” of what Planned Parenthood does. 

The nation’s largest abortion provider has often touted the widely debunked statistic that abortion is roughly 3% of what the group does, in every recent annual report and whenever it is politically expedient for them to do so. Johnson’s predecessors Dr. Leana Wen and Cecile Richards often employed this talking point that Johnson now views as “stigmatizing.” 

The Washington Post asked Johnson to verify that abortion “is a very small part of all the things Planned Parenthood does, right?” 

“Overall, certainly,” she replied. “But it is still a critically important part of what we do. So I think when we say, ‘It’s a small part of what we do,’ what we’re doing is actually stigmatizing it. Like: It’s really not a big deal that Planned Parenthood does this. We are a proud abortion provider. We believe that abortion is health care, and we believe, fundamentally, that self-determination begins with being able to control your own body and freedom begins with being able to control your own body. So I don’t like to marginalize it in that way.”

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