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The Physician-Assisted Suicide Movement Is Gaining Ground in Two Major Ways

The state of Hawaii has become the latest jurisdiction in the United States to legalize physician-assisted suicide. The Hawaii governor just signed legislation sent to him by Hawaii’s House of Representatives and State Senate that authorizes physician-assisted suicide in the state, effective January 1, 2019.

Several other state legislatures are reportedly considering bills that would legalize physician-assisted suicide. In addition to these legislative onslaughts on both life and the practice of medicine, an increasingly successful philosophical assault is being waged by physician-assisted suicide proponents.

First, disturbingly, some of the state and district affiliates of the American Medical Association (AMA) are changing their oppositional stances on physician-assisted suicide. Second, proponents of physician-assisted suicide have been successfully inserting euphemisms into both physicians’ language and the popular language regarding assisted suicide terminology, masking the inhumane truth of the practice. The foundation is being laid for widespread legalization of physician-assisted suicide, and advances by the ideological movement behind the push for legalization must be resisted.

Medical Associations Dropping Opposition to Physician-Assisted Suicide

Bowing to political and social pressures, some state and district medical associations have begun to change their official opposition to physician-assisted suicide. These changes are dangerous, for the testimony and opinions of physicians are generally granted considerable weight by the people and their legislators. If more medical associations are swept up by the influence of special interests pushing for the legalization of physician-assisted suicide, the advancement of assisted suicide legislation could gain considerable traction.

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