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Philippines finishes construction of largest Marian statue in the world

The Philippines will soon inaugurate the tallest statue of the Blessed Mother in the world. Known as “Mother of All Asia,” or simply as the “Tower of Peace,” the monument stands at 315 feet. The island nation intends to hold a ceremony at the site during the celebration of 500 years of Christianity in 2021. 

According to the Montemaría website, the construction is finished and the site is ready to be inaugurated. Unfortunately, the world pandemic has prevented officials from setting a date for the ceremony. Currently, the Montemaría pilgrimage site remains closed due to COVID-19. 

The name “Mother of All Asia” was sourced from Pope Benedict XVI’s 2017 prayer To Our Lady of Sheshan, Mother of The Church in China and All Asia. The towering figure of Mary rises to about the height of a 33-story building. It is the 9th largest statue in the world and stands atop Montemaría (“Mary’s Mount”).

Pilgrimage site

The Montemaría pilgrimage site’s centerpiece, this image of the Virgin Mary is dedicated to the unity and peace of all peoples and countries in South Asia. With a floor area of around 130,000 square feet, the monument will house a St. John Paul II shrine, 12 Marian chapels, a food hall, mini-theaters, and conference rooms. The structure also includes commercial and residential spaces, making it the only livable statue in the world. 

The website notes that, once opened, visitors can reach an observation deck in the crown by elevator or a staircase of more than 400 steps. The crown is adorned with 12 stars to represent the 12 apostles of Christ. Similarly, the structure was built upon 12 foundations, to represent the tribes of Israel. 

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