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The Persecution Report

Christian persecution and religious liberty violations take on many forms. The Persecution Report is a project from Ave Maria Radio and is committed to sharing these types of stories. Here, we focus on the universal Church and raise awareness on the plight of our Christian brothers and sisters in the US and around the world. On this page, you can find the most recent headlines on these issues and hear from the guests on our programs.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken

KRESTA: “There is a hierarchy of rights”

Biden’s new Secretary of State recently disbanded the Trump era Commission on Unalienable rights, saying the emphasis of religious freedom was “unbalanced” and that all rights are equal. Al Kresta addressed this on Kresta in the Afternoon.

Kresta in the Afternoon, 6 April 2021, Segment 4-1

Christian pastor held prisoner in communist Laos freed – UCA News

Pastor Sithon Thippavong at a Christian wedding in 2018.

He convicted on April 6 by a provincial court on charges of “disrupting unity” and “creating disorder,” but was released after three days because he completed his sentence (one year) while awaiting trial.

Relatives of 2019 Easter bombings in Sri Lanka sue the government – UCA News

Christians are being arrested in Eritrea – Open Doors

Christians in Nigeria must gather in secret as they fear attacks – ACI Africa

Harassment of four religious sisters becomes political issue in India – CRUX

The two senior sisters were accused of trying to convert the two postulants to Christianity; the two postulants were born and baptized Christian. The harassment was carried about a right-wing Hindu group.

Catholics target of suicide bombing on Palm Sunday in Indonesia – France 24

Nineteen people were injured, the only deaths were the bombers. Early reports connected the attackers with the Daesh inspired Jamaah Ansharut Daulah group.

Priest recounts “psychological warfare” brought on by jihadists in Niger – ACI Africa


Fr. Harrison Egwuenu was taken to an unknown location by armed gunmen on March 15th.

Christian leaders in Nigeria protest bill that institutionalizes the hijab – ACI Africa

One killed and four others kidnapped in Nigeria –

DRC BISHOPS: “Stop killing your brothers” – ACI Africa

The statement comes as violence escalates in the eastern parts of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

CURRY: Easter is one of the most dangerous Holy Days for Christians; Biden must take action – The Hill

Good Friday liturgy shut down by police in London – CRUX

Thousands of Indians sign petition calling on the release of Fr. Stan Swamy – UCA News

The court of the National Investigation Agency (NIA), a federal anti-terror combat agency, on March 22 refused to grant bail to 84-year-old Father Swamy, SJ, ignoring his ill health, age and other difficulties he is facing in jail.

Nigeria’s seminarians “more determined to study for priesthood” following murder of colleague – ACI Africa

A year after gunmen attacked the Good Shepherd Catholic Major Seminary in Nigeria’s Archdiocese of Kaduna, kidnapped four seminarians and later killed one of them, the rector of the formation center says Seminarians there are “more determined than ever” in their journey to priesthood.

Property stolen by Daesh returned to Catholics as part of new government program – CRUX

Cardinal Louis Raphaël Sako, Iraq’s Chaldean patriarch, said the new government initiative “will continue to encourage Christians to return to their country and recover their property.”

A house once owned by a Christian family in Iraq now in ruins. (Fay Abuelgasim/AP)

Canadian bishops decry new assisted suicide law – The Catholic Register

Chinese Christians being brought to secret “transformation” facilities – Radio Free Asia

These facilities are designed to force Christians to renounce their faith, “admit their mistakes,” and subject prisoners to brainwashing.

christian church in china chinese christians persecuted brought to brainwashing facilities
File photo of a Christian church in Pingdingshan in the central Chinese province of Henan.

Sec. of State Blinken disbands Trump era Commission on Unalienable Rights – USA Today

The US top diplomat said the emphasis on religious liberty was “unbalanced” and that LGBTQ acceptance and abortion are “co-equal” rights.

Bangladeshi bishops urge for dialogue in Burma crisis – UCA News


Fr. Ferdinand Fanen Ngugban was the Assistant Priest at St. Paul Parish, Ayetwar, Katsina-Ala Local Government of Benue State.

Bangladeshi Christians facing greater threat of persecution – Christian Today

Filipino Bishops protest banning of word “lumad” – UCA News

The Filipino government banned the term which has been associated with indigenous groups. The government claims it is a communist term. The Bishops dispute this and say it is an effort to brand indigenous peoples as rebels.

UN commemorates day of remembrance for violations of human rights on feast of St. Oscar Romero – UCA News

67% of American Catholics are “very concerned” about global Christian persecution – Christianity Today

Many also say prayer is not enough and that money and arms are needed. 57% also said that the suffering felt by Christians is “very severe.”

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