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Persecuted Pastor in Uttar Pradesh, India Keeps Sights on Christ


Hindu extremists have vandalized his shop, threatened to kill him, attacked his wife and daughter, forced him to bow to Hindu idols and broken his hand, but a pastor in northern India is holding fast to Christ.

“The best thing that has happened to me is Jesus,” the 55-year-old pastor, who goes by the single name of Rampal, told Morning Star News. “I am joyful that I am chased and beaten up for His name’s sake. And we will continue to carry the banner of Christ, and one day the attackers will also see Christ.”

Pastor Rampal put his trust in Christ only 18 months ago. In the latest attack, Hindu extremists on Feb. 19 stormed his home in Rae Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, where about 80 members of a house church led by five pastors from Kanpur were worshipping. One of the pastors, 80-year-old Santosh Kumar, sustained bone fractures on both hands, abrasions all over his body and cuts on his head; he later fell unconscious from the beating.

“Manu Tiwari, the village head, asked me who is pastor Santosh Kumar, then he headed straight to him and started beating him with a stick all over his body,” Pastor Rampal said.

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