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Pastor Released From North Korea Prison Camp Tells How He Shared Gospel With Regime Official

Kim Hak Song, an American pastor released last Month from North Korea after spending a year in prison, recently spoke about his detention under one of the most brutal regimes on the planet and explained how he was able to share God’s Word despite the circumstances.

Kim, who was arrested in 2017 while he was teaching rice growing at a private university in Pyongyang founded by evangelical Christians, shared his experiences after a service at the Oriental Mission Church in East Hollywood, his home congregation.

Religion News Service reports that Kim spoke through a translator to offer his “first extended public comments” since being welcomed back to the United States by President Donald Trump, along with fellow imprisoned Americans Tony Kim and Kim Dong Chul.

According to Kim, he was told when he was detained in May 2017 that his crime was prayer.

In proving their case, Kim said the regime’s officials showed him evidence that he had led a worship group in morning prayer. Additionally, they showed him an email that he sent to elders at his home church asking for prayer for the North Korean people.

Although many who are sent to prison for religious-related offenses in North Korea are tortured, Kim explained that he was spared of torture during his imprisonment.

Yet, Kim still feels “the pain and struggle,” his wife told RNS, saying that her husband still deals with some trauma from his detention.

Kim said that he spent a lot of time in prayer while he was in prison. He used his time to confess sins and to ask God to protect his family.

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