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Palm Sunday: Studies in Contrast

In our Lenten journey, have we discovered that we are studies in contrasts?  Did we begin with great aspirations and are now feeling more than ever our fickleness?  If so, we are truly ready for Palm Sunday.

Gospel (Read Mark 14:1-15:47)

Today, in the universal Catholic Church, we rise during Mass to hear a full reading of the Passion of Christ.  What is our disposition today, having spent nearly 40 days praying, fasting, and doing acts of generosity?  Most of us start Lent with some sense of seriousness about our relationship with God.  We welcome a whole season in which we seek to know and love Him better. Is that happening? Are the results mixed?

For many of us, Lent becomes a time to face ourselves.  Sometimes we discover that our resolve never quite bears fruit.  We can surprise ourselves when we notice our laziness, distractibility, or superficiality.  The disciplines that seemed so promising at the outset—“This will be a spiritual Lent for me!”—get a little burdensome, a little inconvenient, too easily forgotten.  The contrast in us between our desire for God and our love of ourselves can, in a penitential season, become sharp.  When this happens, we should not despair.  On the contrary, we should recognize that this is precisely what Lent is meant to teach us—we need a Savior!  We are in way over our heads.

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