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Pakistan’s draconian blasphemy laws claim two more victims

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District Headquarters Hospital Faisalabad is a 570-bed hospital in the second-largest city in the Punjab, Pakistan’s most populous province. Like all hospitals in Pakistan, it is under pressure from the Covid-19 pandemic, but it has excellent facilities and trained staff.

Its modern appearance made it all the more surprising that two Christian nurses have been accused of blasphemy against the Qu’ran by their colleagues, found guilty by a hospital tribunal, beaten, fired from their jobs, charged with violating section 295-B of the Pakistan Penal Code and jailed.

In Pakistan, there are effectively three outcomes for victims of an allegation of blasphemy: guilty (and blasphemy is punishable by life imprisonment), innocent (which is unlikely because judges fear assassination), and rotting in jail for decades while their lawyers appeal the verdict.

Unhappily, the two women, in charge nurse Maryam Lal and third year student nurse Navish Arooj, must face the prospect of rotting in jail.

Why? For the absurd and possibly fabricated charge of scribbling on a Post-It note.

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