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Pakistani Judge Rescinds Bail in Blasphemy Case after Threats from Local Attorneys

Blasphemy cases in Pakistan continue to create upheaval both inside and outside the courtrooms. The most recent victim of these laws is Syed Wajid Ali Kazmi, a man accused for an alleged blasphemous post on his WhatsApp profile. The incident drew outrage and eventually made it to the courtroom, where the judge granted bail for Kazmi. However, due to the extreme pressure and threats on the judge from a local mob and a society of lawyers known as the Khatm e Nabuwwat lawyers forum, the judge rescinded the bail.

Pakistan’s infamous blasphemy laws are an ongoing scourge on Pakistani society where a mere accusation of blasphemy will land the accused under severe threat of violence from religious extremist and communal mobs. Religious minorities, such as Christians, Ahmadi Muslims and Hindus, bear the brunt of these laws.

Cases such as Kazmi’s continue to surface all over Pakistan. One of the most famous case was that of Asia Bibi who, after ten years in prison and death row, was acquitted of the charges by the Supreme Court of Pakistan. However, most of these cases do not actually make it to the courtroom. Victims and their families are marked for life as blasphemers even after the charges are proven false. Just the mere accusation of blasphemy is enough to ruin the person and the family.

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