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Pakistani Christian Family Forced to Give Daughter Back to Muslim Man Who Kidnapped Her


A Pakistani Christian mother who was kidnapped and forced into an Islamic marriage with her Muslim landlord and then escaped months later has been returned to her abductor by her own family in hopes that it will spare the rest of the family from extreme persecution and arrest.

As The Christian Post previously reported, Fouzia Sadiq, a 30-year-old mother of three whose entire family works as bonded laborers in Pattoki, was abducted last July by her Muslim landlord named Muhammed Nazir.

Although Fouzia’s brother, Paris, went looking for her at Nazir’s house, he was told that Fouzia had entered into a marriage with Nazir and that she was now his property.

After months of Fouzia being held captive by Nazir, the family devised a plan to help Fouzia escape. And in February, Fouzia fled from the clutches of her abductor.

After Fouzia escaped, Nazir responded by filing a police report accusing Fouzia of stealing jewelry. On the day of Fauzia’s escape, police officers went to her family’s home at a time when only her elderly father was there and threatened to arrest a member of the family if Fouzia was not returned to Nazir.

At the time, the humanitarian organization British Pakistani Christian Association stated that if the police had caught Fouzia’s brother, he likely would have been tortured or killed. And If the police had caught Fouzia’s younger sister, she likely would have been taken to Nazir as consolation.

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