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Our Fifteen-Year Wedding Feast at Cana

My beloved and I celebrate fifteen years of marriage this year. I am so happy and grateful to be celebrating this anniversary with her!

As this anniversary has approached, I have spent much time praying and reflecting on our attempt to live our marriage for each other’s good and according to God’s plan. I have envisioned it as an ongoing wedding feast, and I think the story of the wedding feast at Cana provides an amazing lens through which we can see our own marriage. There is so much in that episode that applies to and illuminates our fifteen-year journey, or anyone else’s marriage journey.

The very first words of the biblical story are “on the third day….” Of course, there is another miracle that happened “on the third day.” When I read these words, right away, I connect them to the Resurrection. With that event in mind, I think of how much better my life is because my wife and I fell in love and chose to enter into this wonderful sacrament of marriage. Our relationship, and the grace it has brought, definitely has been the biggest part of my own resurrection to new life. I pray that it is the same for her!

Early in this story, I read, “Jesus also was invited to the marriage, with his disciples.” This conveys to me that a healthy, holy, and “successful” marriage brings Jesus and the Church to the very center. That certainly has been our effort over a decade and a half. I am forever grateful that my wife helped me find my way to the fullness of faith in Jesus and the Church. I don’t know what would have become of my life without it. I love walking this pilgrimage of faith with her by my side, and I very much hope that she will promise to keep walking next to me!

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