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What Opponents Can Learn from Assisted Suicide Advocates


A playbook exists for reversing the slide toward death on demand. It’s time to use Compassion & Choices’ tactics against it.

A month after California’s assisted suicide law went into effect this summer, one of its biggest advocates sent an email update about the success of its awareness campaign. The email from Matt Whitaker, California State Director of Compassion & Choices, reads:

Since we launched the California Access Campaign, we’ve been at work providing public education, compiling resources and building tools that will make access to the best end-of-life care possible … Take a look at what we’ve accomplished so far:

– Given over 380 community presentations

– Conducted 38 workshops for medical providers

– Deployed 23 local Action Teams

– Contacted over 200 hospices

– Trained over 1,437 volunteers

– Produced a series of videos for healthcare providers.

The well-orchestrated outreach effort also includes “impressive digital products” such as a brand-new website, and a “one-of-a-kind Find Care Tool that you can use to see the range of end-of-life services at medical centers near you simply by entering your zip code.”nters near you simply by entering your zip code.”

While it’s deplorable that so much talent, time, and treasure is being spent in the service of helping doctors kill their patients, the speed and scope of Compassion & Choices’ community organization is noteworthy. Here are two lessons opponents should learn from their rapid and comprehensive approach.

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