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The Opiate Problem No One Wants to Solve

Opiate Injection

Widespread abuse of opiates is sweeping the nation. Sectors of the rural population once thought immune to the scourge of drugs now appear vulnerable. This crisis is taxing the resources of many communities as they struggle to cope.

However, like so many of these addiction problems, authorities are dealing with the effects of the epidemic, not the cause. As a result, government churns out more legislation, regulations and funding. They launch public education programs. Police work to cut off supplies of the addictive substances.

The Happiness Problem
All these measures, although helpful, cannot resolve the problem. They do not get to the core of what is wrong in society. To put it simply, officials need to find out the reasons why people are unhappy with life and willing to destroy themselves by taking these drugs.

Modern society treats happiness as a purely personal thing. Happiness involves spiritual matters that secularist modernity does not officially recognize as valid. Thus, people are very uncomfortable with tackling it profoundly. At best, happiness is reduced to something subjective to be found in the satisfaction of all of one’s material desires.

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