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Oops! Media, Planned Parenthood Honor Pro-life Suffragist’s Birthday


It’s a rather inconvenient reality for the liberal media and abortion activists: America’s first feminists respected life – life of the unborn.

On Monday, Google remembered suffragist Alice Paul’s 131st birthday by placing a doodle of her above the website’s search bar. The liberal media as well as the United States’ largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, took the opportunity to celebrate a feminist. But they forgot – or intentionally overlooked – one major detail: Paul was pro-life.

The cartoon image, created by Google, shows Paul raising up a sign reading, “Deeds not words.” Behind her, other women in the background carry a sign demanding, “Votes for women.”

Born Jan. 11, 1885, Paul co-founded the National Women’s Party and was instrumental in campaigning for women’s right to vote as well as the Equal Rights Amendment. She died at the age of 92.

“Today, on what would have been her 131st birthday,” Google explained, “we salute Alice Paul with a Doodle that pays tribute to her pivotal role in the fight for women’s suffrage and her unyielding dedication to women’s rights.”

But neither Google nor the liberal media or even Planned Parenthood recalled that Paul once deemed abortion “the ultimate exploitation of women.”

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