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On Resistance: What are the Options?


What do Catholics do when late-term abortion is declared “sacred ground,” and “gay marriage equality” is treated in our fundamental law as a basic requirement of justice and decency?

We should stand our ground, of course, but that’s easier said than done. Man is social, and today he must find ways to live with others in a society of complex interdependencies. With that in mind, it matters that the Supreme Court, which counts as our highest authority on matters of public principle, insists that our public order is based on an understanding of human life radically opposed to natural law. And it matters even more that we live under a regime of Hope and Change that wants to remodel attitudes and human relations in the name of “equality,” “tolerance,” and “inclusion.” Those words are sacred in today’s politics. No mainstream social authority or political force seriously disputes them or the project of social reconstruction they are thought to demand. To do so is to be banished as a bigoted extremist, and religious and philosophical convictions that lead some in that direction are targets for suppression.

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