Women took to the streets in great numbers during the Women’s March on Washington. In fact, all over the world they turned out — or so the media tells us. They had photos and film. CNN and MSNBC could hardly contain their excitement. Women. Angry women. Women with children. Women with men. Women with hats! They’re demanding their rights and they’re not going to take it any more. They want equality.

In my view, every woman should be angry. It’s high time we receive equality in America. Heck, women deserve equality all over the world. I’m guessing that’s why the Women’s March took place not only in Washington, D.C. but in cities all over the globe. Courageous women marched in Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Yemen, the United Arab Emirates, Sudan, and Libya. It was a powerful witness against the oppression of women so common in Muslim countries. They stood up against lack of educational opportunities, sexual mutilation, raping of child brides, sexual slavery, and human trafficking.

But that’s not what happened actually. They marched and they yelled and they made obscene comments and gestures but the horror they decried the loudest was the stupid locker room comments made by Donald Trump. Apparently instead of the sticks and stones used routinely against women in Muslim countries, words are what really hurt these marchers. The actual sexual assaults perpetrated by Bill Clinton received nary a mention. The trashing of his victims by Hillary … not a problem. The obscene rap lyrics that champion rape and other abuses of women … not an issue. The human trafficking of young girls into the pornography industry … not a word.

So in cities across America they marched. In London, Paris, and Berlin, they marched against hatred. Madonna contemplated blowing up the White House. Gloria Steinem vowed allegiance with all Muslims if a registry is to be made. Ironic.

One has to question which rights these women don’t think they have in America? Let’s take a look. The right to vote? Check. The right to smoke cigarettes? Check. The right to work? Check. The right to equal pay (except if you work for Hillary)? Check. The right to start a business? Check. The obligation to work since many men will not support their families? Check. The right to chemically sterilize themselves? Check. The right to kill their babies throughout nine months of pregnancy? Check. The right to be promiscuous and have children out of wedlock? Check.

Did I miss anything?

Oh yes—just this one little thing. One right we clearly do not have and these ladies clearly don’t want: The right to the truth. Women are routinely lied to in America—by Hollywood, by the medical profession, by the pharmaceutical industry, by the fashion industry, by the pornography industry, and by the judicial system. The truth is frequently and routinely withheld from women, even by women themselves.

Don’t believe me?

Well, consider the birth control pill. The great equalizer, allowing women to have sex with no consequences just like men. But of course, that’s a lie right there. Sex always has consequences. But I digress. When it comes to the pill, it has a host of negative consequences that are withheld or minimized as it’s pushed on women and young girls including increased depression, strokes, heart attacks, and death. The World Health Organization designated it a class one carcinogen. And add the ultimate irony—it decreases a woman’s libido. But where’s the publicity on all that?

There is a well established connection between abortion and breast cancer, but you’d be hard pressed to find any cancer organizations warning against abortion. Abortion carries significant physical and psychological risks but proponents fight vociferously to downplay and deny them. Several Supreme Court decisions even codified into law prohibitions for informed consent laws designed to protect women.

Think about that. For every surgical procedure in the US, an informed consent is not only customary, but legally required. But when it comes to abortion it’s quite another story. Common sense regulations to help women make informed decisions before life or death choices have been struck down more than once by a Supreme Court bent on no other goal than preserving full access to abortion, or according to feminists: women’s rights. The rights women demand pale compared to those they forfeit.

What was it that the serpent promised to Eve? To be like God.

Ah, equality. Don’t believe the hype.

via National Catholic Register. 

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