On every episode of Kresta Comments Al Kresta goes in depth on topics that are current and hot today. Al has covered a wide range of topics on this show, including the Baltimore protests, ISIS activity, including their attack on Charlie Hebdo, Sam Singer vs. Archbishop Cordileone, and much more. Enjoy our past episodes below and look forward to new episodes coming soon.

  • Was the Reformation a Success?

    Every year on October 31, Americas enjoy Halloween. That’s fun. Catholic acknowledge the eve of All Saints Day. And serious Protestant Christians celebrate Reformation Day.

    On October 31, 1517, the brilliant but frustrated Augustinian monk, Martin Luther nailed his 95 debate thesis on a church door in Wittenberg, Germany. He was fixing for an academic debate not a new Church, an academic debate, not a rousing speech to launch a rebellion. The question is, was it a success?

  • Charlie Hebdo Throws in the Towel, Not Publishing Muhammad Cartoons

    For the editor of Charlie Hebdo to dishonor the deaths of his former employees is itself tragic. They were murdered not by Hindus or Buddhists, or Catholics or Protestants. Whatever faults such religious groups presently embody, calling for the death of those who insult their leaders, is not one of them. When it comes to terrorism, not all religions are the same.

  • Justice Kennedy, Gay Marriage and Flag Burning

    Justice Anthony Kennedy has likened the reaction to the same-sex marriage ruling to the reaction to the 1989 Supreme Court case that legalized flag burning. He says that in the flag burning case there was initially strong, emotional opposition but opinions changed once people had a chance to calm down, and he expects the same thing to happen now. Al comments on this.

  • Why Planned Parenthood’s Response Completely Fails

    As we expected, Planned Parenthood is doing its best to avoid the substantive issues raised in the recent undercover video that shows their Senior Director of Medical Services, Dr. Deborah Nucatola, acknowledging that PP affiliates do receive money for aborted fetal body parts.

    They are hiding their unethical behavior by holding up the fig-leaf of altruism and humanistic benevolence. There are at least three serious issues here.

  • Should we love nature? – Al Kresta Comments

    This video follows up on my last on the Pope’s encyclical on ecology.  A long time listener phoned the other day with a concern that the Holy Father’s encyclical on ecology was being sold as a way to encourage us to love nature. She feared that this might lead to some kind of nature worship or pantheism.

  • Laudato Si’, Pope Francis’ Encyclical on the Environment – Al Kresta Comments

    While specific scientific and economic points can be debated, since they are prudential judgements of the pope, the doctrine surrounding them are truths of faith and are binding on the consciences of believers.So why don’t we focus on those aspect of the encyclical, since they really aren’t controversial at all?

  • The Plan To Demonize Christians – Al Kresta comments on the SCOTUS decision

    The demonizing of Christians who oppose same sex marriage will continue. Gay activists and President Obama can’t tolerate peaceful co-existence with those they call irrational bigots and haters.  This propagandistic habit is deeply ingrained and intended tactic among the activists.

  • Catholics Labeled As Bigots? – Al Kresta Comments on SCOTUS decision

    The President’s America cannot tolerate coexistence with people of good will who simply disagree about marriage policy. He has to turn them into bigots, irrational haters.

  • Rebranding America With Gay Marriage – Al Kresta comments on SCOTUS decision

    The hubris of painting the national political home for all Americans, the White House, in rainbow was a way of branding America; it was a claim that we are all supporters of same sex marriage now. And, if you are not, you aren’t with us; you’re against us.

  • Peter Singer: 200 Pigs vs 1 Baby – Al Kresta Comments

    “Belonging to the human species is not what makes it morally wrong to kill a living being. Why should all members of the species homo sapiens have a right to life, whereas other species do not? This idea is merely a remnant of our religious legacy. For centuries, we have been told that man was created in the image of God, that God granted us dominion over the animals and that we have an immortal soul.

    At a certain point, the animals’ suffering becomes so great that one should choose to save the animals over the child. Whether this point occurs at 200 or two million animals, I don’t know. But one cannot let an infinite number of animals burn to save the life of one child…  “