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  • Why Does Al Love Puritans? – Free Range Q&A: Episode 22

    “On November 20 you were discussing a book by a reformed theologian and you mentioned that “He loves the Puritans and I love the Puritans also.” I was shocked and appalled to hear these words coming from your lips. You seem to be educated and well-read so I have to believe that you are very familiar with the violent anti-Catholic history of the Puritans. In 1649 Oliver Cromwell led his Puritan Army into Ireland.

    During his nine months in Ireland, he gave birth to death, exile and cleansing. His name is forever associated by the Irish people with fevered anti-Catholicism. In the end he was responsible for an estimated 600,000 deaths out of a total Irish population of 1,400,000. So why would you say you love the Puritans?”

  • Is God really in control when the world is such a mess? – Free Range Q&A: Episode 21

    “My sister is a good Catholic but she has the annoying habit of running around saying, “God is in control” every time something terrible happens. After the Paris terrorists killed all those people, I knew the first words out of her mouth would be “God is in control.” She thinks she’s reassuring everyone but if God is in control, why is the world in such a mess?”

  • Should Catholics Abstain from Meat Every Friday? – Free Range Q&A Episode 20

    Question 1: I have found the common question that people ask who don’t believe is along the lines of “why is the Church so arrogant as to insist it shows the only way to God?” To them this appears to be insensitive and self-righteous.

    Question 2: I was recently informed that the requirement to abstain from meat on Fridays is still in force all year long. I have for years thought it was changed to only during Lent, and if you search on the internet for answers most sites do say “only during Lent.” But you can substitute some other devotion if you choose to not abstain from meat. Are hoards of Catholics committing mortal sins on Friday? I’m confused.

  • How to talk about ISIS at the Thanksgiving table – A Free Range Lil’ Nugget

    In this “Lil’ Nugget” mini-episode, Al gives you some talking points for conversations on ISIS at the Thanksgiving table.

  • Thanksgiving Special! – Free Range Q&A Episode 19

    On this special Thanksgiving edition of Free Range Q&A with Al Kresta we will go over a few different topics that may come up at the Thanksgiving table. We will give you a brief overview on the topics and how to discuss them intelligently.

  • Free Range Q&A – Episode 18: ISIS, Islam and… should we have submitted to Hitler?

    Question 1: Since 9/11 western leaders including President Obama, Secretary of State Kerry, French President Hollande, British Prime Minister David Cameron continue to claim that ISIS doesn’t represent Islam. Some continue to even say it is not Islamic in any sense. How can they persist in making this claim?

    Question 2: In my small group we were reading Romans 13: 1-7. St. Paul tells us to submit to those in authority… should we have respected and submitted to Hitler and conform? Should we submit to Obama and his policies?

  • Free Range Q&A – Episode 17: Pope Francis said what?!??!

    Question 1: In Matthew 16:18 it says “I will build my Church and the gates of Hell will not prevail against it.” Is that promise undergoing its greatest challenge today?

    Question 2: Italian journalist Eugenio Scalfari recently claimed that Pope Francis told him that he plans to allow for Communion for divorced and remarried couples. Do you think the Pope actually said that?

  • Free Range Q&A – Episode 16: Population Boom in China?

    Question 1: China recently announced that they are relaxing the rules on their one-child policy. Have they realized the errors of the overpopulation scare? Is this a victory for the pro-life movement?

    Question 2: Should the Catholic Church accept donations from the Gates Foundations, considering the fact that the Gate Foundation promotes and supports immoral practices in the name of serving the poor?

  • Free Range Q&A – Episode 15: Can Old People Have Sex Without Sin?

    Question 1: My mother is a Seven Day Adventist and she is always questioning the Catholic Church of which I have been a member since 1980. She can’t understand why we honor Mary, she sees this as putting her above Jesus.

    Question 2: Why do Catholics pray to Mary?

    Question 3: When a married couple are passed the child bearing age can they still participate in sexual relations since it is not open to the procreation of children at that time?

  • Free Range Q&A – Episode 14: Relatives Who Vent About the Catholic Church

    Question 1: What do you think about this novelty before Mass? The celebrant invites everyone to stand a few minutes to greet one another. This is in addition to the usual Sign of Peace. Also, the ushers are encouraged to greet anyone leaving the pew for Communion. Isn’t this silly? We aren’t welcoming strangers but simply exchanging greetings with those with whom we normally sit each week.
    Many in attendance know this is silly and redundant, but play along to make the priest happy. My question to you is how would you deal with ‘tradition’ when it comes to your parish?

    Question 2: Pope Francis’ visit to the US was successful beyond my expectations. Perhaps, too successful as I experienced some harsh anger from a relative at a family gathering. In a following lengthly email I was presented with various outrageous “facts” spewed by some so called ex-priest and ex-nuns that seem to be influential in some protestant circles. I never mentioned Pope Francis or the Church during the gathering. It is obvious that my relative is not seeking a dialog or truth – just venting anger on me. I realize that nothing I say will be heard. What advice would you give to me in support of a loving Christian relationship toward an antiCatholic relative?