The current president of the Association for the Right to Die with Dignity in Mexico, Amparo Espinosa Rugarcía, has recently made public her testimony in which she states that she has gone from being a defender of euthanasia to rejecting it and proposing palliative care as an alternative form of medical care for the terminally ill.

From pro-euthanasia activist to fighting for palliative care

Espinosa explains in a video that she had been a strong advocate for euthanasia because she considered it the best way out for sick people whose death was approaching. However, she then studied the testimonies of people who had cared for terminally ill patients, and they never talked about “how to take away their pain.” That raised concerns that led her to go deeper.

Alleviating pain

“I run an Association for the Right to Die with Dignity,” she said, “and when I started there, which was in 2009, I had a very clear idea of what I wanted: I wanted to work in Mexico for the legalization of euthanasia and medically assisted suicide. I had no doubts. But something happened that made me begin to reflect on the mission of the association, and it was a series of testimonies that I began to read about experiences people had of the process of death of family members. The testimonies have a common denominator: there was no way to take away their pain”.

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