In a world in which smartwatches already measure heartbeats, footsteps, sleep cycles and hours on a tennis court, the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network has launched the first “smart rosary,” an app-driven device that aims to foster global prayer for peace.

Technically called “Click To Pray eRosary,” the small black bracelet with ten rosary beads and a cross was presented Tuesday in Rome as a “tool for learning how to pray the rosary.”

The eRosary is activated by making the sign of the cross, and it synchronizes with a free app of the same name that provides access to an audio guide, exclusive images and personalized content about praying the rosary.

 The wearable device was produced by GadgeTek Inc., a tech company dedicated to innovative lifestyle gadgets.

Father Frederic Fornos, the international director of the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network, said Tuesday that praying the rosary for world peace is something Pope Francis asked from every young person participating in World Youth Day in Panama earlier this year.

“Our world needs peace,” Fornos said. “There’s so much cruelty and violence. Peace is at the heart of the mission of the disciples of Christ.”

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