It’s been a long time since television ads during the Super Bowl were just ads — and opportunities to make a trip to the kitchen for more chips and guacamole.

We’ve gotten so accustomed to those Monday morning conversations at the office water cooler being as much about the ads as about the game, that we fear missing the commercials almost as much as we fear missing that game-changing play.

But this year advertisers dropped any pretense that Super Bowl LIV was mostly about football as they embraced their role as entertainers in a dizzying exhibition of unrelentingly over-the-top, sometimes hilarious, often ridiculous, celebrity-studded skits. 

A commercial calls for Agape 

Amidst all the frenetic zaniness and snarky inside jokes— what was Mr. Clean doing at Mr. Peanut’s funeral? — one ad stood out for its serious theme.

New York Life’s “Love Takes Action” ad takes viewers through the four words for love, as expressed by the ancient Greeks. The “most admirable” kind of love, “Agape,” is “love as an action,” says the narrator over scenes of people caring for others.

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