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Teresa Tomeo, host of Catholic Connection is a dynamic Professional Speaker and local Media Personality. She discusses social issues, media awareness, and interviews local businesses, youth, families, and community leaders in Southeastern Michigan. Live and local, Teresa reports on news throughout the Catholic community and how we can make a difference.

Christ_IsTheAnswer_archive_310x75  Stories From the Heart  

Instruction on the Catechism of the Catholic Church and other topics critical to those seeking answers to life’s greatest questions.

ChristianClassics_archive_310x75  Stories From the Heart  

Readings from timeless Christian literature and writings of the saints and doctors of the Church.

ChurchAndCulture_310x75-new  Stories From the Heart  

Church and Culture engages all aspects of our culture with the aim of discussing “cultural apologetics.” Culture is discussed from a Catholic perspective in order to provide opportunities for Catholics to introduce the faith to others through a book, a movie, a TV show, a piece of music, a political issue, or an artist, among other things. The Church speaks through culture, and while there is much in our culture to be avoided, there is much that can witness to the Catholic faith. On each program, Dr. Hudson interviews noted experts in their fields, providing insight and guidance in our evangelical engagement with the culture.

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Parenting issues from diaper dilemmas to teenage traumas to college crises along with family, personal and professional life issues are dealt with in a straight-forward, no-nonsense, and often humorous way. Just tune in to listen to some words of wisdom or call in with your own questions.

FireOnTheEarth_archive_310x75  Stories From the Heart  

This daily radio show provides a compelling look at the New Evangelization through inspiring teachings, interviews and testimonies. Peter helps listeners respond personally to what the Holy Spirit is saying in our time.  Peter’s insights will help Catholics acquire the tools they need to do their part in the New Evangelization.

FoodForTheJourney_archive_310x75  Stories From the Heart  

Sister Ann Shields believes there is a major disconnect in the lives of many Catholics: a separation between God’s word and its application to our personal/daily lives. Through teaching, stories and inspirational challenges, Sister Ann is able to reach listeners across the globe with her message. Her inspiration and teaching about Scripture shows how God’s word can feed, strengthen, and give hope in our daily circumstances.

TheGoodFight_archive_310x75  The Good Fight  

What does it take to be a saint? In this two-hour live show, Barbara McGuigan her guests, and her listeners talk about saints…past present and future. Sainthood is not beyond reach for any of us!

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Kresta in the Afternoon is what Catholic radio has been missing: a daily conversation – personal, authentic and human. It looks at all of life through the lens of Scripture and the teaching tradition of the Catholic Church. The scope isn’t limited to spiritual subjects – Al talks abortion, war, peace, dissent, old age, New Age, heavy metal, light eating, politics, church affairs, current events, family and marriage, movies and media, theology and apologetics, sports, crime and business. It’s talk radio where God matters.

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Mast Appeal is a new radio program offering free, friendly advice from Coleen Kelly Mast. The program airs Saturdays, from 9:00 – 11:00  AM Eastern.

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More2Life is a surprising new radio program that brings the Theology of the Body teachings of John Paul II into the practical, everyday experience of life. This live call-in program is hosted by Dr. Greg Popcak and his wife Lisa and airs weekdays at 12PM Eastern/11 AM Central. Dr. Greg and Lisa will help you solve your problems with relevant, relatable and achievable tools and solutions straight from the genius of the Theology of the Body. It is the life you were meant to live!

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This program spotlights the activities of committed Catholic laity whose ministries are making a real difference in their parishes and in society.

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Anthology series featuring presentations recorded live, plus classics from the Ave Maria Radio archives.

StoriesFromTheHeart_archive_310x75  Stories From the Heart  

Heartwarming tales of ordinary people dealing with extraordinary situations. This informative program is produced and distributed by Ave Maria Radio.