Disgraced movie executive Harvey Weinstein’s abusive behavior toward women has been chronicled in excruciating detail in an explosive investigation by The New Yorker—but it could have been made public earlier, in some form or another, by NBC.

A curious detail of the New Yorker piece is the byline: It was not reported by a regular staffer or veteran of the magazine. It was written by Ronan Farrow, the investigative reporter and lawyer who is an NBC News correspondent. Which begs the obvious question: Why didn’t NBC break this story?

In a cryptic tweet, CNN correspondent Jake Tapper implied that NBC had turned down the story.

Farrow confirmed that this was the case during a Tuesday evening interview with Rachel Maddow, though he declined to go into the internal politics. Responding to NBC’s claim that the story wasn’t ready for publication when he brought it to the network, Farrow told Maddow, “It is not accurate to say that it was not reportable. In fact, there were multiple determinations that it was reportable at NBC.”

NBC representatives have not responded to our requests for comment, though one NBC source told The Daily Beast that Farrow brought the network “early reporting that didn’t meet the standard to go forward with a story” and that it was “nowhere close to what ultimately ran in The New York Times or The New Yorker.”

Even still, the explosive story’s long and troubled road to publication highlights the culture of silence surrounding sexual harassment and the immense pressure in the media to play nice with powerful entertainment figures like Weinstein.

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