The Catholic apostolate Courage has published online the latest edition of its chaplain’s handbook to better help clergy and others ministering to people with same-sex attractions and their families.

“Since we believe that the handbook can be helpful to many people involved in ministry, not only those who are formally serving as Courage or EnCourage chaplains, we wanted to make it as accessible as possible,” Father Phillip Bochanski told CNA July 28.

The Courage apostolate aims to help people with same-sex attractions practice their Catholic faith and live according to Church teaching. It was founded in New York by Father John F. Harvey in 1980 at the request of then-Archbishop of New York Cardinal Terence Cooke. This year will mark the 40th anniversary of the first Courage meeting, held Sept. 26, 1980.

The apostolate’s goals are chastity, prayer and dedication, fellowship, support, and good example.

A partner organization, EnCourage, was launched in 1985. It aims to provide spiritual support for parents, spouses, and other relatives of people who have same-sex attractions or identify as LGBT. Its goals similarly emphasize prayer and dedication, but also formation, charity, unity and witness.

The 40th anniversary edition of the Courage and EnCourage chaplain’s handbook is now publicly available at the Courage website, Previously, the handbook was only distributed within the apostolate.

Fr. Bochanski has served at Courage International since 2015, and as executive director since 2017. For him, the 40th anniversary year of Courage is a time to be “mindful of the rich legacy we received from our founding members.”

Courage founder Father Harvey had invited the first members to compose the Courage goals themselves.

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