• Catholic Girl in Pakistan Rescued by Police After Abduction, Forced Marriage

    Arzoo Raja, a 13-year-old Catholic girl in Pakistan whom a 44-year-old man allegedly kidnapped, forced to convert to Islam, and married, has been recovered and is in protective custody. Raja, who is from Karachi, was kidnapped in broad daylight Oct. 13 by Ali Azhar, 44. Raja’s parents... Read more
  • Islamic State attack on Kabul University kills 22, wounds 22

    An hours-long siege on Kabul University claimed by the Islamic State left at least 22 dead and 22 wounded Monday after two gunmen stormed the campus, took several students hostage and battled security forces for hours before the scene was cleared and all hostages were freed. The attack in... Read more
  • French police make second arrest in Nice attack

    An unnamed French official told the New York Times on Friday that police have arrested a 47-year-old man in connection with a deadly terrorist attack inside Notre-Dame de Nice. The attacker on Oct. 29 killed three people in the church, including a 44-year-old mother of three; a 60 year old... Read more
  • New Zealand on ‘dangerous path’ with legalized euthanasia, ethicist says

    New Zealand’s decision to legalize euthanasia puts the country on a “dangerous path” and brings “a new and unwelcome dynamic” into the lives of those facing terminal illnesses, according to says the ethics expert for the country’s Catholic bishops. A referendum on the issue was... Read more
  • Poland’s leader wants churches defended, condemns protests

    WARSAW, Poland — Poland’s powerful ruling party leader urged his supporters Tuesday to defend the predominantly Catholic nation’s churches, potentially setting the stage for clashes with demonstrators angry at a court ruling that severely restricts abortions. The call Tuesday by... Read more
  • China’s Catholic Leviathan: Jesuits and the Sino-Vatican Agreement

    On October 22nd, the Holy See Press Office announced that the Vatican has renewed its agreement with China’s state officials – the new expiration date of the agreement is October 22, 2022. The Vatican states: The primary objective of the Provisional Agreement regarding the appointment of... Read more
  • Addition of Cuba, China, Russia to UN Human Rights Council draws criticism

    A human rights group in Cuba criticized the election of China, Cuba, and Russia to the UN Human Rights Council, despite the history of authoritarianism and significant human rights abuses in each country. “The undeserved election of the Cuban totalitarian regime for a seat on the Human... Read more
  • Far-Left Activists Deny Chinese Oppression of Uighurs

    On Sept. 5, Margaret Kimberley, editor and columnist of the far-left Black Agenda Report, tweeted to her 28,000 followers a screenshot of a headline comparing the conditions in China’s Xinjiang to Nazi Germany. She wrote: “These are lies. There is no evidence of Uighur ‘concentration... Read more
  • Mistaken identity

    On May 20, 2015, Xiaoxing Xi, a physics professor at Temple University in Philadelphia, gave a lecture at an Irish pub before picking up his wife from the airport and trying out a new Korean fried chicken restaurant with his two daughters. The next morning before 7 o’clock, Xi and his... Read more
  • Christian Armenia is Under Attack

    Last week, Azerbaijan reignited its long-simmering war with Armenia over the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh. The region, known in Armenian as Artsakh, has a Christian Armenian population of about 150,000, which makes it a minority territory in Muslim Azerbaijan (population 10 million). Thirty... Read more